Brian Kelly to LSU [Mod Note: Happy 20th Anniversary Notre Dame scumbags]


Flats Noob
Nov 2, 2008
I do think the sport will bleed traditional fans, gain new ones from the same demographics who love the NFL and NBA,
This is a true misunderstanding of why NFL/NBA fans watch the NFL/NBA.

Those league, unlike college football, have true parity. And the quality of play is so much higher.

College football has nothing to offer anymore. It used to be that you could enjoy supporting a bad/moderate team because there was always the possibility that they could get better, and while they may not win it all, they could be competitive.

But now there is simply no comparison between the top 5 and the rest.Your average to good team is never gonna be able to compete with a small set of blue bloods.
And unlike the NFL/NBA where the best teams could arise anywhere (more so in the NFL than the NBA), no matter the market size, in CFB it’s completely determined by your college size, so it’s always never gonna change.