Chan needs to become a Neck Breaker

Discussion in 'Football' started by BarrelORum, Oct 2, 2005.

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    We have two games this year that to me signify whether or not we have turned the corner. (VT aside for a minute).

    Two programs are in dire depths right now and are coming up on our schedule. NCST and Clemson. Both fanbases are irrate at the coaches and both Tommy Bowden and Chucky the Clown are on one serious hot seat.

    These two programs have once and for all proven that they are at the very most middle tier programs. If we lose to either, all it will do is put us in the muddled mire that is mediocrity. We will have officially bought ourselves a place at their dinner table.

    We need to put our foot on the necks of both these programs and break them for good. Put them into the tailspin of finding a new coach. At the sametime, these two victories will help sort us from the middle of the pack.

    In my opinion, these two wins are two of the most telling on our schedule and will say a lot about our coach.
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    Good post BOR
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    In my mind, absolutely correct on your call about these two games this year. In the PB (past blowout) mind frame, I will be extremely pleased, and somewhat surprised with wins in any way over State and clemmons.

    I have not yet taken the time to study what both teams have, but do know that our Yellow Jackets suffer as much, if not more than any quality team when the injury bug hits.
    If at full strength, I would expect that the NCSU game would be the easier of the two. Mainly because our guys expect to win and the 'Pack is accustomed to losing to us.

    With clemmons, its been a war recently, except for the blowout loss at home in '03. If TB stays out of the way, we have plenty to worry about against them. They still are the best collection of football players in SC.

    To win both, we will need to be healthier and will need to play very well. These are huge games.
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    Well, let\'s talk NC State first...

    Our recent history says that we handle NC State. I don't know what it is. But when we see that Wolfpack uniform, we play better. Don't know why. It's just what it is.

    Clemson is a different animal. In that game, I've grown to expect nothing and demand nothing. You can never tell what happens when Tech plays Clemson. It's usually wild and crazy. The home team seems to have no advantage. The higher-ranked team seems to have no advantage. So, I'll just be giddy as a school-girl if we escape with a miraculous 1 point win. I can't figure out why it's like that. It just is.

    So, IMO, you are correct in saying that we should break the necks of NC State. I expect a victory in that game.

    But against Clemson, our biggest ACC rival, I don't know what to expect. I'll accept a lucky 1 point victory. Do I want to blow them out? Yes. Just win anyway possible. But to date, Clemson loses most begrudgingly this year. Every game they've played has gone right down to the wire and 2 of their losses occurred in OT. They're extremely close to being 5-0...or 0-5...strange team, that orange bunch.
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    I have always thought that the CU game would be the real key to our season although they have been beaten 3 times I believe they are a dangerous football team, that said with the loss to VT, NCS now becomes just as important.