CJP has earned an extension

The Champ

Sep 28, 2008
Because contract length can impact recruiting as a lot of players are looking for stability. Not the one-and-done blue chippers, but we're not exactly filling a whole team with those.

Obviously there's some debate about how much of an impact having only two years' left would have. But having only one year left would definitely be a problem, so you definitely don't want to wait for the full data on the contract's body of work before extending.

I'd be in favor of a modest one or two year extension because of that. Then if the trend continues upward next season, lock him up long term.
Love all the recruits who reference length of the current coaches contract as their reason for committing to school. Lol.

D1 basketball players are highly transactional. Most bounced around high schools to find the right fit, and most are perfectly comfortable leaving after 1 year if it isn’t right the fit. Hell look at any of our rosters for the last decade

I highly doubt any D1 basketball player is looking at their commitment as a 4-5 year relationship with a head coach; there certainly aren’t guys passionate about locking in with Pastner and his contract as a deal breaker.


Patrick Henry
Jul 25, 2002
5 years into a rebuild: 1 NCAAT caliber season, 2 NIT caliber seasons, 2 bad seasons that still weren't as bad as the worst that both Gregory and Hewitt put up.

Recruiting has been up and down but only one class was an absolute dud and that was in the thick of the Bell saga. Seems to be on the uptick but the jury is still out.

He has earned the standard "we aren't firing you right now" extension. I actually trust Stansbury to get this right, so I am not sweating it at all.
Perfect summary.


Get That Corn Outta Ma Face
Aug 19, 2010
ACC has wins over Big East champ, SEC champ, A couple BIG Ten teams who were strong in conference. Rated as 3rd best conference by most measures.

Duke and UNC are mediocre and finish in bottom half of ACC. Ergo: ACC is trash