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Oct 5, 2014
I gotta give it up to the coaching staff. This is a monumental transition of untold proportions, probably the biggest transformation in all of college football history.

The coaching staff has done a tremendous job despite the horrendous lack of talent and athletic scholarship players to still be really competitive with such powerhouse teams like Temple and The Citadel.

We just all knew this task was impossible for ANY coaching staff in the history of EVER to be able to take this team and beat ANYONE.

We slaughtered a GREAT USF team. You guys remember that?

Give CGC a chance guys, he's proven he can compete with the top dawgs. Just give a few years. Everything will just fall in place like clock work.

This is all part of the plan. We gotta lose in order to win. We gotta be last to get to first. It's part of every coaches rebuilding process. Nick Saban and Dabo couldn't be more proud of how our coaching staff is turning this program around. They couldnt do it any better themselves, even our own fans agree! That's what I'm told here. It takes time guys.
We got this. Go jackets!!!

If anyone finds yourself agreeing with this post, please go back to the pound with sub 100 IQ dawg fans.

If anyone is in need of finding a PR guy that can make a turd into a rose for public consumption I'm your guy. Government experience.
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