Even Shane Beamer

The Wasp

Varsity Lurker
Sep 6, 2021
I don't think we should be coughing up how weak the SEC is. The ACC remains a joke, there for the taking for anyone halfway decent who can step up. With even a mediocre team we could have beaten Virginia Tech, Miami, Boston College, UNI and gone to third tier bowl game.


Damn Good Rat
Sep 18, 2021
Won 6 games in his year one.
The HC he replaced, how did that HC Recruit Linemen in the 4 seasons before Shane Beamer showed up?

Go back and look at the last 5 NFL Drafts for south carolina and compare them to us, although they haven't won a lot, south carolina has had their share of NFL caliber players, a few very good ones.

Maybe the talent he walked into as well as the "infrastructure" that Shane Beamer walked into was different than ours, when has south carolina ever had an 11 year disconnect from HS Coaches and Recruits like we have had in State?

I'm upset at a crappy season that I expected to be a Bowl Season, but at the same time I recognize that other situations aren't similar to ours, no way is south carolina's issues in yr1 for Beamer equal to our issues in yr3.

For a myriad of reasons rebuilds are much slower here at GT