Ice Jackets announce two games for April

The Jacket

The Coat
Jun 17, 2002
After the bulk of the 2020-21 season was cancelled due to covid, a pair of games against Tennessee have been announced, to be played at the IceForum in Duluth.

After announcing them way back in August, these new sweaters will be making their debut. Pretty slick imo.

The club asked Geoff Collins on Twitter whether he would rock one if they provided it and his answer, naturally, was

If you've never attended a Tech hockey game and have the time to spare that weekend, I highly recommend it. A handful of StingTalkers went to a game against Georgia nine or ten years ago and I personally had a blast. Brutalizing Tennessee may not be quite as thoroughly enjoyable as caving the mutts' empty skulls in, but still ought to be a lot of fun. Besides, it'll be another week before the spring game, basketball will be long over, and the baseball team will be in Blacksburg that weekend.

I only hope nobody posts this before I can.