If the powers at be are not careful..


Damn Good Rat
Jun 30, 2014
To Hell With Geoff! #THWG Here’s what I expect will happen: After 3 years, Geoff Collins will fire at least one (if not both) of his coordinators, finally making changes to the staff that remains intact from when they were originally hired almost 3 full years ago, and some will say we need to give his program a second chance with the new coaching staff. Next year, there will be some sort of offseason slogan on shirts and hats like “W.I.N.B.A.
.” (which, of course, stands for “W.I.N., But Actually This Time”), we’ll hear about how great the new schemes are looking and how everyone’s getting better every single day, and we’ll talk about expectations that the team will be able to win 7-8 games. They won’t, and instead will go about 4-5 wins with at least one downright head-scratching loss. Geoff Collins will be relieved of his duties as Georgia Tech’s head coach, and we’ll start the process all over again, hopefully with some improved on-field results.


Nov 21, 2004
Coaches traveling to speak to alumni groups was awesome. Here in the NC Triangle we could bring in 200 to hear Cremins or Ross, 50-75 for Agnes, and 100 or more for a baseball team function. Those coaches were happy to speak with us. No longer the case and the viability of the local group has suffered. And, I can guarantee you it costs Tech money in the long run. But, overpaid coaches do not see the need for this type of interaction.