Interesting Read From The Hive


Varsity Lurker
Aug 14, 2014
Good read. Thoughtful assessment of talent levels. Basically a list of perceived talent improvements which no one really denies. Dismissed how secondary is much worse year over year however.

The big omission is no mention of confusion in coaching staff, lack of ability to coach up the talent, inexcusable game management, lack of discipline or poise of some players on the field.

When a full report touches on all sides of the program and not just talent levels, i’ll give it more credence.



Patrick Henry
Jul 25, 2002
Well, he is correct that if I focus entirely on the secondary, and then believe the secondary problems are inexplicable, then its not that bad.

The fact is there is no excuse for the secondary. That is a place that should be a strength by now and we are going backwards.

Without a doubt we are bigger and stronger than before across the team, but three years in where are we better?

It would shock me if we fire him. But he wont survive 2021 if the secondary does not make dramatic improvement. I have zero confidence in the coaches there, but if CGC wants to ride or die with the current staff thats on him. Good luck.
Mar 26, 2013
TL;DR version

Guy supported every successful coach when no one else did. He stopped supporting them before their big fall, but before anyone else knew the fall was coming. CGC needs a few more years, things totally getting better.
If that is essentially what it says, then I will pass. I have better things to do than read that kind of garbage