IUPUI 98 GaTech 92 Final


Nov 25, 2001
this team plays very young sometimes.

1. no offense but for Akins, Nelson, and probably Muhammad, but not there today
2. TOO MANY turnovers!!! Careless passes
3. Defensive lapses, HOW IN THE HELL do you let that team shoot better than %50 from three, NOT gonna win playing like that
4. Defense falls asleep, Brooks is an incredible talent but he is in a daze sometimes on defense


Nov 19, 2001
I did not get a chance to listen or see the game today, so I have no idea of the situation in today's game, but I do have an opinion of the team up to this point.

There is no doubt, Akins is the leader of the team. The opponents know if they shut Tony down, they will basically shut Tech down. That is not hard to figure.

Until some of the other players gain the confidence and leadership to assert themselves, Techs performance will rise and fall with the performance of Akins. When the other team keys on Tony, some of the other players will have to take the leadership role and ride the team on their backs.

This does not come automatically, it is a learned process and comes with playing out the season. Eventually, some of the other players will begin to take over a share of the load, and the opponents will not be able to concentrate on Akins. Tony will then be more consistent because he will have less pressure on him in every game.

The cream will eventually come to the top. It may take all year, but it will come. Patience for this year and good expectations for next year.

I am sure, this is very trying year for Hewitt and the staff. Hewitt saw it coming before the season started, but he cannot harp on it. He must maintain a positive out-look and continue to instill confidence in his players. This year may be a blip in the overall picture, but I see good things for next year.



Varsity Lurker
Dec 2, 2001
I think we lack an inside game. We got hammered in the middle yesterday by #4 of IUPUI, who also played like a punk. Nelson was out-muscled by him in 3 consecutive possessions. We are missing Luke right now. I think next year might be a bit better with the freshmen having a year of experience under their belt and they will probably will learn how to penetrate a bit better.

We have some big kids coming in for next year, but they will be learning their positions. I look for us to make inroads in the NCAA tournament in the 2003-4 season.