Just heard Braine talk about O'leary & ND situation and....

Discussion in 'Football' started by law_bee, Dec 4, 2001.

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    Nov 25, 2001
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    Just heard Braine talk about O\'leary & ND situation and....

    this was on 790 and I found it interesting. Braine was not offended at all and stated that he thinks that Big Bee's name being mentioned is good for the GT program.

    For people that heard it I am interested in comments, but Braine appeared to be very MATTER OF FACT. It was almost weird. He stated that he(braine) had not been contacted by ND and he was good friends w/ Kevin White (ND's AD) so he expected.

    Braine also stated that he thought Big Bee would stay, but then he knows Big Bee being irish catholic that this may be his dream job. Braine also stated that he had a list of candidates just in case.

    Braine's final comments were he though O'leary would stay.

    Now my speculation is I dont know? I would have never dreamed after the season we have had that someone would come after our coach, but I tell you Braine did a fantastic job when he hired PH and I believe maybe Braine wants to put his "stamp" on the fb program as well.

    Our program is in great shape and GT would probably be in the best position it has ever been in to hire a quality fb coach.

    I say all this b/c I see the posts and where there is a general consensus that O'leary is NOT the problem, however many people feel there is a problem.

    I also believe the "right" coach may be the one to take us to the next level.

    I hope Big Bee stays, but only if he wants to. If he wants the ND job I hope he gets it and I wish him the best.