NFL+College Power Rankings


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Nov 19, 2007
All this being said... I think it would be fun to watch the beat-down happen. :) The Braves play Tech, so why not in football?

On second thought, people don't usually get concussions in baseball. Nothing to be gained here but injuries to your players.
Not Tech but whoever is the Braves farm team.


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Dec 17, 2001
Around 1970 it became apparent that the college all stars were never going to win another game. The NFL would literally be on a 50 game winning streak if it were still being played today.
Actually what killed the College all star games was when the college "stars" were told not to play to not risk injury. I believe many pro teams actually put it in the rookie contracts.

But the all-stars did win more than once. It was a great game to watch if the all-stars could keep it close. And it wasn't the worst NFL team, it was the defending champions who played the all-stars. Having said all that, even if you could get all the early round draft picks to play for the all stars, for them to win now would be monumental. Wins became as rare in the last decade as GT wins over UGA are now.

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Feb 15, 2011
The difference between The #1 NFL team and the #32 team is QB play and maybe 2-3 playmakers. It's why the top seeds in the playoffs hardly ever win the Super Bowl.

My point is that it doesn't matter what NFL team you pick, they would destroy any college team (Bama included).
I agree with your result, but not the reasoning (at least fully).

Bama has a bunch of playmakers on its current team. Probably on par with the number of playmakers the Jags have.

The difference to me is not the number of studs, but instead the average level of talent. For example, maybe half of Bama's starting lineup this year eventually has a career in the NFL.

ALL of the Jaguars starting lineup has that, not even counting its bench players - many of whom are 5-7 year NFL vets. I mean, Jacksonville's second string consists of guys who are better across the board than Bama's starting lineup. The very end of their bench still consists of guys who would start at just about any position for Bama.

The way of looking at it isn't hey, Bama's best players are going to be picked in the first round and start. The way to look at it is that Bama's next line of players, the guys who aren't starting, are probably not going to the NFL. The back end of Bama's starters, if they are lucky, will get signed as undrafted free agents and play on the scout team for a year or two.