Response I recieved from ATT regarding them not carrying FSN games - I sent a


Nov 25, 2001
scathing email and here is the response I received. I personally think it is WEAK and I would discontinue my service with ATT, however I am in condo hell w/ trees about, so as of now there is NO other option.

Thanks for expressing your concerns with AT&T Broadband's decision not to
carry the additional ACC and SEC basketball games on Fox Sports Net. We
apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you.

As you know, AT&T Broadband must pay all of our networks in order to carry
their programming. These programming fees directly impact the monthly price
you pay for cable TV service. In exchange for carrying the additional
games, FSN asked AT&T Broadband to pay a significant amount more per year in
programming fees. In light of our announced January 2002 price increase, we
did not feel that this was fair to our customers. As a result, AT&T
Broadband-Atlanta has opted not to carry this additional programming.

We feel that we have negotiated in good faith with FSN and regret that you
will not be able to see the additional games. In most cases, we feel that
we do a good job in working with our programmers to bring you the programs
you want to see. This situation simply involved some unfortunate timing and

Like most things in life, some people are willing to pay more for the things
they want --- like front row seats at a concert or an expensive vacation in
some exclusive locale. With that in mind, we asked Fox Sports Net if we
could provide these games on a pay-per-view basis and they refused. We are
just as frustrated about this as our sports fans are, however, as business
people we refuse to be coerced into making a decision that we do not feel is
in the best interest of our customers. We are carrying the bulk of their
schedule. The additional ACC and SEC games came very late, after the
contract had been negotiated. Sort of like your builder telling you he's
added on an extra room without your permission, but you are still expected
to pay.


The Dark Side of the Force
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Oct 15, 2001
all the more reason to dump cable and go satellite.



Varsity Lurker
Dec 4, 2001
What's the e-mail address for AT&T Broadband? I want to put in my two cents!