The real reason why games are so close


JJacket dreams of me
Jun 8, 2020
Is that our offense is very talented (of course other than the O Line. None of it is improvements in coaching, it’s talent trying to take over for coaching, or to make their draft stock look better so they can leave a year early to the NFL. Granted I’ve given Sims a hard time, he still has plenty of talent to make big plays. If we had any competent coaching, we’d be a 7-8 win team this season, with our only problem being the offensive line, which can easily be improved. So y’all really can’t say that this is all coaching, because it’s not. I see seniors out there playing worse than they were their freshman year (and who was the coach then?). ST is split on Johnson from a scheme perspective, but with CPJ, we at least had a tough coach who can actually develop players.