this SUX!, it seems like every...........


Nov 25, 2001
game is the same. You see great play, but where was the rebounding and the defense.

What is up with that help defense and leaving guy wide open under the basket.

I guess its b/c we have so many young players that you usually do not see those basic errors.

This year has been the most painful in awhile.


Varsity Lurker
Dec 2, 2001
I love watching this team play every game. You will never see a team being built nearly from scratch again with a new coach. I'm sure you have seen on the Hive how people have mentioned that a lot of good coaches had horrible seasons at the beginning. We are going to have growing pains. Hewitt is putting his stamp all over our bball program. By next year, he will have brought in 8 or 9 of the 12 or 13 kids playing. If he trusts his system, and brings in players to fit the molds, we will do great.

There was definite improvement in this game. Defensive rotation was much, much better than previous games. UVA could almost never take a three without someone having a hand in their face. Did you watch the NCSU game? They were talking wide-open 3's all over the place...they just started hitting them in the 2nd half. Tonight, Tech had someone challenging every shot. Nice improvement.

My only problems are that we came out sluggish in the second half and that we never put them away. This was similar to the NCSU game as well. But you know what? We had some swagger tonight...I saw it in McHenry and Mohammed(sp?). They knew they had what it takes to win. The freshmen have always held back, but not tonight. I saw a lot more penetration by the freshmen. These guys all have quick first steps and you could see it today.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I think we are seeing some great players in the making. Try to enjoy it. It will be more painful when we are really good, but lose an important game then.


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Nov 25, 2001
Good post JimBob... this team reminds me of a team in the 80's... just before they began their NCAA appearances.... what I saw last night, was a team that played very hard... a team with great talent... but lacking in experience and the confidence that comes with maturity... these guys are taking their licking this year... but watch out... they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future... I like what I see... wish they could have finished off Virginia... but it will come... great job team, even though you lost, you are making ground... there is alot to look forward to...