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Oct 4, 2021
Every year certain gutless stingtalkers post phrases like this and every year it doesn’t come true. Unfortunately our lack of success has turned our fans into little bitches, or microbitches.
Well it isn’t like it is Tech keeping them from winning a natty. They’ve been very close. They remain in striking distance. It’s fairly likely to happen sooner than later if not this year. Not sure why you take exception to something most people outside of Georgia would agree with.


Tech has a more recent Natty than Notre Dame
Jul 1, 2015
That Auburn game could have been a lot closer. No Nix hit his receivers in the hand 5-6 times in crucial plays where they dropped the ball.


Not beta, THWG
May 20, 2003
Stetson Bennett wtf?
Their OL are probably all NFL 1st or second rounders. Their QB has all day in the pocket. That big TE they have is 6'7" and scary athletic. He was playing his first game this season from a foot injury. They have a stud DL with a veteran DT who may be a top 5 NFL pick. It will be tough to keep UGAg from winning a natty
That said, we have to beat them. We need to find a way to move the ball against their D. Sims has the athletic ability, moreso than any gagger QB. Gibbs is as good as any RB they have. Our OL has GOT to get better. We have three 6 year veterans up front - Cooper, Johnson, Cochran - that need to lead this bunch.
On defense, we need Keion White to step up. He didn't play Saturday, despite being ATL for the first time. Our DB's were supposedly our strong position, but have struggled - partly due to a lack of a pass rush.
We have to beat the Gaggers. Hopefully, Kentucky and Florida and Tennessee take the stress off and beat them and we can just deliver their 4th loss.

I don't want any of you idiots on here who dream about UGAg coming into our game undefeated to ever mention stupid öööö like that again. It is a nightmare scenario for GT having them rolling into our game undefeated with everyone in the state going batshit for them. Our odds are going to be long and an upset would be great, but I'd rather UGAg become more like Maryland and less like Alabama


Aug 13, 2002
Every year certain gutless stingtalkers post phrases like this and every year it doesn’t come true. Unfortunately our lack of success has turned our fans into little bitches, or microbitches.
Those fonts have always been microbitches.


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Aug 15, 2014
Stopping the gaggers from (I’m not even gonna say it).
The usual suspects don’t look up to the task this year.
Time to forget the rest of our opponents. All prep on winning Thanksgiving weekend.
A loss to us might not prevent a playoff berth but at least craps on anything after that.
I need this to survive the fallout.
For some reason, I have quit obsessing about Georgia like I used to. We are 3-3. If we finish the year with 6 wins and go to a bowl, we will have turned a corner. That would be good. How we play in the next five games will determine whether we have a chance to make the Georgia game more like a contest than a rout.

Georgia looks very good and seems almost unstoppable. But, I feel the same way about Alabama, and they lost to a two loss team last night. Who knows?

If we start winning, get in the playoffs, draw big crowds, compete with Georgia in recruiting, and beat them on the field, we will get respect in the press. Press coverage us like betting odds, it's based on what most people think. It always lags behind what's really happening.


Dec 30, 2008
After seeing how tough Kentucky looked again last night I don’t feel so bad about Florida losing to them. I’m thinking both the Florida and Kentucky games could be tough for the mutts. I’m going to the worlds largest cocktail party this year so truly hope Florida can spank the mutts that would be so awesome!


Dec 24, 2007
They have minimal experience behind Bennett? They are one sack from a big problem. Anybody notice that Bennett looks like he is in his thirties?


GT fan for 60+ years
Oct 25, 2003
I guess it is different with younger fans, but the old UGA guys I hang with are actually pretty respectable. Deep down, I guess I always pull for UGA to lose, but they are really not even on my radar. If anything, I usually try to build them up, just so it will hurt worse if they fail