Zenon commit #17


Flats Noob
My brother coached special teams in the N.FL-S.GA Border War all star game and he says Zenon was the best player on the Georgia team at any position. This a second-tier game, for kids more on the 1AA level. Still the game contained a lot of the better players from big public HS's in south GA. Bro was shocked Zenon didn't have any BCS offers.

He felt Zenon was misused on offense in the game. The GA team threw a lot. Zenon played I fullback --he's very strong for his size -- and he only got about a half dozen carries up the middle.

Zenon was his PR and one of the KR's, but they kicked away from him. The first day started out with another kid returning kicks and punts and that guy came to him privately and said Zenon was much better. :eek5: