All This Crap About UGA Having Better Talent....

Discussion in 'Football' started by SouthGa, Dec 9, 2005.

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    Nov 19, 2001
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    is a bunch of bull along with recruiting ratings. You get a good high school athlete in your program and with maturation, good conditioning, and good coaching, you are going to have a winning program. Now I realize you have those special players like Calvin Johnson, but look at Joe Hamilton, was he 6-4 and 220 pounds? When I watch replays of the Tech/Ugay game, I don't see this huge talent difference Tech fans wine about. In fact, I liked our running backs and LB'ers better, I'll give them the edge at QB. Basically they made the pick and we dropped our pick that would have gone for a TD. They made the pass for the TD and we didn't. The point I'm getting to is if our offense continues being held to 7 - 14 points by good teams, we've got to start looking at coaching as the reason. Some of the offensive plays against UGA failed because they were not executed properly, not because UGA's "D" stuffed them. The screen passes and a couple of short passes that were thrown to high caused the play to go for 4-7 yards when if the receiver could have caught them in stride would have been big plays. I know what your thinking, the coaches can't throw the ball for the QB, well, go with a QB that can execute. I know Reggie is a great athlete and has made some big plays scrambling but the poorly executed plays kill the drive so what good is it? I know we have got to go with Reggie next year and I hope he has a great year but I think it was a mistake in 04 not going with two QB's just in case Reggie could never be consistent.
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    your right that rankings dont mean much...however, a high school kid that is 6'4" 240 and dominates throughout his high school career and earns national recognition will naturally be ranked higher than a kid that is 6'4" 240 with 1A potential that was just good in high school...if you understand what I getting at. These top schools (such as uga, etc) are getting these high school phenoms that are PROJECTED as college studs right off the bat, while most others have potential to be good/great.....these are the ones we are getting - with the exception of CJ. We have defintely found diamonds in the rough here at GT and have developed our recruits well...but a few more "Calvins" througout our team would be great, as he has lived up to his high national ranking - cant argue that.
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    I have posted my stance on recruiting rankings and

    talent many times.

    Recruiting rankings aren't the end all, be all. They don't mean everything. But they are completely useless either.

    By and large, those teams that remain consistently at the top of the recruiting rankings.....remain at the top of the polls.

    Now there are teams like Utah and Louisville that don't recruit top 10 classes but can put a nice team together and end up in the top 10 for one year; but you don't see them high up in the polls year after year. One hit wonders, if you will.

    Even top recruiting classes year after year is not enough alone to keep a team in the top 10 and among the national elite. A consistent and talented coaching staff must remain in place as well. If a program can keep the highly ranked recruits rolling in year after while simultaneously keeping a good, consistent coaching staff, that program is bound top compete for championships.

    I would argue that GT has average talent overall but a very good coaching staff that gets the most out of the talent. How many players on your current roster do you think will get drafted by the NFL and actually make a roster? I don't know the answer to that question, but I believe a lot less than you would expect from a 7 win team in a conference as tough as the ACC.

    GT is definitely an overachieving program in my opinion (which isn't worth a whole lot).
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    Sep 24, 2002
    Recruiting rankings and whether UGA has more talent than GT are two different topics.

    However, it is obvious UGA has more pure talent than GT...and it simply shows in the number of players in the NFL. I would also bet that GT does a better job of developing players for the NFL...these players may have become lost in the UGA system. I have not officially checked the ESPN site...but I bet you find twice as many former UGA players as GT players in the NFL.

    Even today...we wanted Greg Blue and he wanted us...but his transcript was turned down. Leonard Pope was someone we could not take. Danny Ware, Marquis Elmore, the list goes on and one.

    As far as Joe Hamilton's size...kind of meaningless. Joe was one of those top talent kids we did get. Joe was a BIG-TIME recruit that chose us in a close battle over Nebraska. He was Player of the Year in SC and led both his football and basketball to state titles as a QB and point guard.
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    Dec 2, 2001
    Those who have the attention span....

    to read the inside/outside intrcacies of this post are to be congratulated or condemned. I remember several years ago on another board there were those who were ever pointing out that " Goldtimer " had an agenda, which re: him, was b.s.
    If the heading and message here does not fall under that
    category then fish can fly and all reigndeer dig living holes while rattlesnakes roam from December 1st to April.
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    The difference in ST's goes waay beyond just coaching.
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    We win when we have the better quarterback. We lose when we don't.
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    You mean a quarterback is suppossed to throw the football to a receiver so that he catches it in stride? What a marvelously novel idea! Say, you don't think that Reggie knows about that do you? On a more serious vein, I think a case can be made that Georgia has more talent. Consider the players by position. On the offensive line, there is not a one of Tech's players that would start for Georgia. Granted, I would take the Tech running backs PJ and Tashard over Georgia's trio and Georgia has never had a receiving talent comprable to Calvin. Quarterback? Don't get me started. On defense, Henderson would start and probably Landry and possibly all 3 of our linebackers but that's about it. Special teams? please. Now if we could swap coaches.... Don't know that it would make that big a difference except in recruiting.
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    Dec 2, 2001
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    They\'ve had better talent than us for the better..

    part of 40 years.

    Seriously, this is not even debate-able. Ray Goff was 5-2 against us. Do you think he "outcoached" us all those years? He beat Ross. He beat GOL also. It wasn't just B*** L**** that he beat. We have good players all over the place. But UGA has had more of them.
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    [ QUOTE ]
    we wanted Greg Blue and he wanted us

    [/ QUOTE ]
    /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eekhair.gif That would have been real nice. That hit he laid on I believe Pat Clark where the ball was thrown high(of course) was vicious. I'm pretty sure the play would have gone for about 25-30 to our 40-45(If I remember correctly) really could have changed the momentum of that game. I'm pretty sure we got stuffed and had to punt after it.