Another mutt arrested


Oh hell you are probably right. So no real need for an investigation or trial.
Since i believe rape truly is a capital offense he should be executed ASAP.
Plus that will screw some lawyers out of some work - 2 problems solved! Love it.

Now we can focus on GTs biggest problem - it has come to light that a student engineering club composed of nerds, geeks, dweebies, sluts, sportos, motorheads, wasteoids, bloods, dickheads and faculty thiefs using state issued credit cards are demanding that the Rambling Reck be removed from any association with GT because everyone cant have one and it is tied to anti Earth, harmful emissions.
No one disputes he was trying to clamp down on a much younger co-ed while trying to be a professional coach at a university. That's enough to justify my post.

What's wrong with you?