Big Game This Week For CBK And Program …


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Dec 17, 2017
The same alumni and fan base who stood by when we almost canceled football 40 years ago?
I really think that was a sabotage effort by the administration and faculty that had been in effect for years. Fortunately former influential ball players like Kim King, Larry Morris, and Taz Anderson had a heart to heart with the Prez.


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Nov 17, 2006
To me, there is a HUGE difference between CBK and TFG.

After this BG disaster CBK basically said WTTE "We stunk it up. We weren't prepared and our heads were not in the game. That's on the coaches and ultimately on me as HFC. We are better than this and I'm going make sure that we get things corrected."

TFG would said, "We had guys playing at an elite level. Guys battling, working hard and getting better." He'd have been blowing so much smoke, that you wouldn't have been able to see across the room!

I ain't happy about the BG game. That was one of the most miserable experiences I have ever had at BDS@HGF! But, at least we have a HFC that owned the loss, who cares cares about GT Football, and is doing everything he reasonably can to correct the situation!

Rant off.
But, does Key have the smarts and the football knowledge to correct the status quo?


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Mar 14, 2016
Yeah C****** would say, "It's on me, we'll get it fixed" and then do the exact same thing the next week with no changes. Moving Sherrer up and Thacker down is at least something, and hopefully it gets the defense woken up. I know they like Thacker, and they hopefully don't want to see him gone.


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Jun 9, 2016
Key would have to completely crap the bed to be in danger of losing his job before 2025. I don't see that happening.
You just hit on it. Schools like Auburn or LSU can keep firing coaches every couple of years and buy them out knowing they have huge booster pockets and an already built in recruiting base. Tech doesn’t have that option. It may hurt in the short run, but Key has to have a chance to establish a recruiting base in the metro Atlanta area, and get area kids and coaches to be interested.
He may turn out to be the wrong guy, but he inherited a pile of crap, and actually won some games no one thought possible.


Oct 14, 2013
Its hard for me to see the defense suddenly learning fundamentals inside of a week. Hope I'm wrong.


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Apr 21, 2009
My daughter's private K-12 Christian school has a better approach to fundraising than the GTAA. We've got to start ingraining a culture of giving to the GTAA in our students and recent alumni by publicly and repeatedly setting an expectation. If you repeatedly email every student starting in their 3rd year that the average gift to the GTAA is $100/yr with a link for them to set up an auto draft commitment with a tracker for their class against the target of $1,000,000 / yr contribution with a concerted challenging of their pride to beat that goal and be the best graduating class ever to commit to giving... well, that's increasing the GTAA budget $1M every single year because you've set up a recurring revenue stream with each class that graduates. Then you challenge the old folks 10 years out of school with a targeted "really, class of 2013, you're going to let a bunch of new grads beat you?" and make it a big point of contention for homecoming. Make sure some of it goes to NIL within the rules, but that's what I'd do if I were in the GTAA. Have it setup so every alumni is getting those emails at least daily from the first game week until they donate. Annoy them into giving money. Make it a recurring payment they forget about. Explain why this is so important. Use the alumni commitment to garner donations and partnerships with local businesses where you're bringing them in as donors rather than it being a business transaction for advertising/naming rights.

Simultaneously we need to improve the fan experience and use the school to force students to be engaged fans. The stadium audio, event flow, etc are all uncoordinated garbage. Just get someone who knows how to put on an event. Make it easy for fans to park, tailgate, and get to the game on time.