Blueberry Jackets coming.


If we gotta go with an alternate - this ain’t the worst.

Does it have any trim on pants? The sleeve treatment could be more unique.

But never, never, never wear these pants with a Gold hat and White shirt. This with a Gold hat is the only acceptable way.


Helluva Engineer
Am I insane for wondering why we don't just use these?

I'm a big fan of the gold that's on the Wreck, and would love a darker gold jersey than what we sported the O'leary (edit: Gailey, too) years. But if we go with navy blue tops for a game or special occasions, this G-B-W combination looks the sharpest to me. Adidas can certainly modernize it, but this classic look is the tits! Just like the throwback blue tops we wore for that miserable day in Jacksonville for the ACC Championship. It was the only thing that looked good that day.


Big Dummy
Do you mean with that striping or just G/B/W.

Either way is fine with me. I actually prefer traditional stripes.

We have worn that combo lately, and I much prefer it to G/B/G.
We wore this combo against Clemson last year, except the numbers were gold instead of white. If the numbers would've been white with gold outline on those last year it would've looked even better IMO.