CFB Stadium Voting Thing

I’ve taken better pics of GT’s stadium. Hard to beat a nice sunset pic.
I was about to say, look at their beautiful sunset pic compared to our ho-hum night picture. I love Bobby Dodd but there are much better pics of Grant Field than that one.
Tough to win when it's basically your worst possible picture against their best. I'd vote for ECU based just on those pics.
Well, these are the two stadiums where I have spent the most Saturday afternoons. The sunset over Dowdy Ficklen can be terrific, we see at least one or two like that every season. The students in the Boneyard in the end zone are loud. The curved nature of the stands on both sidelines means sight lines are terrific. And, there is great parking near the stadium which makes the tailgating scene amazing. I don’t really like the side stands being North and South and the end zones East and West. My grandson goes to elementary school across the street from the stadium; they use their whole campus for tailgating. Needless to say he is quite a Pirate.

Tech makes parking and tailgating quite a challenge. The seat width in the West stands is way too small. The stadium is old. Half empty seats in the East stands are embarrassing. But, the Atlanta backdrop is beautiful. The history of the stadium enhances the experience. The stands are close to the field which is a good thing. And, the Yellow Jackets play there, so, my very biased vote is for BDS.

Both places are a happy place for me and my family.