Changes to Overtime Rules in 2021


Varsity Lurker
Sep 26, 2020
Got me there. Nonetheless, an NFL team isn't even guaranteed a possession, which is just silly, especially as the league trends toward offensive-friendly rules.
The thing I like best about it is that it's just more like normal football. In a golf analogy, the difference between the pro and college overtime is that the pro O.T. is like actually playing a round of golf,, as opposed to the college O.T. which is like going to the driving range.


USVI Wreck from Georgia Tech
Mar 24, 2011
I'm 90% certain this decision was made by Vegas. There are so many ridiculous totals in CFB games between big offenses that end up going way under, but get bailed out by multiple OTs. This move doesn't solve that really, but it paves the way for a +1 final score (as I think someone suggested?), so Vegas can bury square over bettors.


Damn Good Rat
Jun 23, 2004
I'm guessing this is a way to pilot the 2 point shootout idea without committing to that. Personally, I think a 2 point shootout would be exciting, decisive, reasonably quick and balanced, and would add a very intriguing element of game planning. Something like 5 attempts each, keeping the same O/D on the field for those 5 attempts would be efficient and reasonable to do quickly without tiring personnel. Although technically there is an advantage to going second in terms of how aggressive you might need to be esp. in run/pass split, I think it would rarely make a difference. I like the idea of defensive scores counting, but that's such a rare outcome it doesn't provide any real advantage to protect against. After that, alternate possessions and the first team to convert with the other one failing wins. Starting with the alternating possessions setup works as well, but I think that leaves too much chance in the outcome.

Otherwise, I think CFB OT sucks because there's such a big advantage to going second and you start off in reasonable FG range. Not sure their considerations for trying to shorten games, but I could speculate that trying to keep game length predictable is important for TV.
Sep 4, 2017
I like the idea of a 2-pt shootout with multiple attempts. It could be like the penalty shootouts or whatever in soccer. 3, 4, 5 attempts each, then if tied 1 attempt each, repeatedly. Maybe you could progressively move the starting yard line back to prevent forever ties with bad defenses