Congratulations To All Tech Players, Coaches and Fans


Flats Noob
Aug 15, 2014
That was a great game. I didn't think I would ever see Tech play that way again.

After the loss to NIU, I had no confidence in our coach. I never cared for the ATL, the 404, the Money Down, the variety of uniforms, or playing home games away from Grant Field.

But, to Hell with me. Because, what I do care about is seeing Tech play great football. They did it last week in Clemson, but I never expected what I saw tonight.

That was very special. I am very happy for our players, coaches and fans. I'm glad all Tech people got to experience this. My Daddy started taking me to see Tech play in the late 1950s.

I've seen Bobby Dodd and every coach since, but none of them did better than Geoff Collins did tonight. I hope this is the first of many for everybody who likes Georgia Tech.


Aug 13, 2002
Great game by the TEAM. All phases won tonight - offense, defense, special teams, players, and coaches.

I am particularly happy for the young players who made amazing strides in their maturation tonight, players who many short-sighted fans had written off.

We are still an extremely young team in most units, and we have not come close to our ceiling, but we had a great game and showed our heart and poise on the big stage. We may still have ups and downs in performance due to this youth, but the future looks very very bright. Especially when you consider our recruiting has not peaked yet


Nov 29, 2009
The game came on for me overnight and I had a bad connection so I tried to watch via gamecast and refreshing Stingtalk when it would load.

My thoughts:
- good win, good decision to switch Yates for Sims though concerning it isn’t a win job for either QB going into that game
- feels good to win against a ranked team. However, don’t get overly excited about where the team is. UNC started the season top 10 and will be unranked 4 games into the season.
- 3rd down conversions and red zone continues to be a problem. Cant rely on 30 yard passes and 60 yard QB runs to win all the time
- defense is playing at a high level the last two weeks, very happy with them and Charlie Tomas specifically
- I wonder what could have been against Clemson with Sims healthy
- this win is important in that it is either time for the program to move upward from here or show that this kind of win is a fluke