Football Observations


Jolly Good Fellow
Dec 4, 2001
I've thought long.

I've thought hard.

Here are a few conclusions I've come upon that I'll let you mull over.

The hype over the defense was due largely in part to playing offensive patsy teams during the early part of the season. I think that the lack of stiff offensive competition early hurt them down the stretch, and the defense never did seem to find a rythm.

Best Coach This Year: Bill O'Brien. The man has done an oustanding job his first year, and is much improved from the infamous "Pits Bowl."

Kudos to George Godsey. He played his heart out for this program and gave it his all.

This team is lacking desire, with the exception of Joe Burns. I love his attitude on the field. He's in your face, smashmouth, and won't put up with rolling over and dieing. I like how he gets fired up. GET 'EM JOE!

Don't get me wrong, I love Roof, especially when he was in the Black Watch D, but I think consideration should be made as to how the defense has performed under him.

Credit O'Leary, he brought this program back from the dead, but he really should be more involved with the defense. We all know the defensive woes GT has. Big Bee is a defensive coach. He's head coach for a reason, let's see him get involved on that D. I surely don't want O'Leary's head. Everybody has off games, and O'Leary was overdue for one... or two.

The AJC is crap. In all seriousness, a boycott by Tech fans or something of similar nature should be considered. Never have I seen such BLATEN lack of respect for a program or its players. Perhaps those Athens oriented staff members should be given the ole' Donnan treatment.

This Board is great. Heads and shoulders above that headache commonly called "The Hive."

DT... DT... DT... DT...
We need some DT's.

O'Leary is 7-7 without Fridge

I'm eager to see how the QB situation pans out next year. Bilbo, Hall, Suggs all vie for that starting role. Food for thought: Bilbo and Burns running the option. OHHHH YEAAAA

The fact that Godsey wasn't chosen over Rix on the All-ACC ballots gives me a nasty taste in my mouth. Goose deserves better.

The Seattle Bowl is a joke. Georgia Tech deserves better. Stanford certainly deserves better. Who's bright idea was it to take a game from a ftball stadium in sunny Hawaii to damp cold wet Seattle at a Baseball stadium with an umbrella over it??

The ACC bowl tie-ins are a joke. The Comish needs to get off his butt and do something about it too. ACC needs another bowl tie in, 2 counting that disgrace called the Seattle Bowl.

Wake Forest @ 6-5.... Jim Grobe would have been a shoe in for COTY had Fridge not pulled a miracle. And Grobe does it with poor support and facilities... Wake just might stay I-A afterall.

Well, I think I'll give my mind a break now. Adios


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Damn Good Rat
Nov 1, 2001
Swagger, you make great points. Observation: usually when a school hires a head coach with a certain acumen, i.e. Richt, offense, Tommy Bowden, offense, Fridge, offense, Spurrier, offense, Stoops, defense, that team usually reflects that HC's specialty. Why in the world has GT lacked so badly in D when GO is defensive. Someone over weekend on The Hive said that even when Ross was here & GO was D, our pass defense was like it is now. I don't remember that, but it is an interesting pt.