[FORMER] GT coach is candidate for Auburn job...


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As a head coach, he will not be calling plays - so there is hope for him if he's better at locating coaching talent than running an offense.
Some would argue that as an offensive coordinator he didn't call the plays, either. Of course, he does at Miami, home of the 4th and 1 shotgun formation.


HD comments on Nix this am as possible coach and pretty much blasts Nix.


Considering the volume of notes I've gotten from Miami fans expressing their disdain for Nix, it's probably safe to say many of them were thrilled by this news. And considering Nix's playing background at Auburn, he'd probably take it if it were offered.
But would Auburn really be getting an upgrade? Probably not.
Miami's offense ranks 88th of 119 FBS teams in total offense with 327 yards a game. That's a slight improvement from last season, when the Canes ranked 110th in total offense and 101st in scoring offense in Nix's first season.
It's not exactly a resume that screams, 'hire me."