Inofficial CFP Thread


Varsity Lurker
Mar 10, 2016
Thoughts on championship games

I agree with Kelly's post game comments that ND is improving and did not get physically dominated as they have in the past. He said physically they held their ground they just got beat by outstanding skill players of BAMA. I think that is correct. When ND played Bama in the NC game 7 or 8 years ago they got dominated upfront. Not saying they beat BAMA upfront but they held their own yesterday. I didn't think the ND QB used his TE's right early but he figured it out later.

Clemson/Ohio St
Fields was phenomenal and Clemson's defense got hurt by players being out. But all credit to OSU that had Clemson on their heels. Not much to say except was suprised OSU could do that to what I thought was a pretty good Clemson defense. Maybe the game earlier this year against ND was a prelude to how to beat Clemson defense. Clemson is about to lose Lawrence and Etienne who have been key parts. THey probably reload but still will challenge them. Fields really helped his draft hopes last night throwing lasers. Poor dawgs!!!!


Nov 29, 2009
Notre Dame has the talent, they just lack the scheme. A more aggressive and up to date offensive scheme makes them a big threat. Until that happens they will perennially be one of those teams on the bubble that gets the occasional CFP nod.