Official To Hell With Georgia Game Thread

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Absolute bullshit. I haven't seen worse than that in my whole life. Gave the game away. Just ööööing gave it away. Miserable. Weedeater Bowl here we come and I hope we have a new coach. It's doesn't get any worse than that right there. Just handed the dwagies a win. Really ööööin pissed off right now.


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I feel exactly like I did in El Paso at the Sun Bowl against Utah. An ugly game. A big lead squandered late. Inability to win when at the fringes of FG range. I don't feel good about the odds of winning in OT.
Anddddddd that was pretty much the result as well. For bonus points, I expect the bowl game in Shreveport will be vintage PJ heartbreak hangover. Think Miami -> Middle Tennessee.

Until The Hill relents with pointless academic requirements and recruiting restrictions, the Georgia Tech football program is a multi-million dollar exercise in futility. It doesn't matter who is coach or AD or QB or RB. When you fight against Duke and Memphis and Wake and the Sun Belt for recruits ... you're going to play like those teams.

If you don't believe it is The Hill, then certainly you have to acknowledge the recruiters aren't getting it done.

Either way ... I'm done paying for tickets and doing the day long round trip to go to games until some fundamental changes are made. Insert holier than thou posters crying momentarily. But just like with Chan ... the empty seats will continue to grow and speak for themselves and eventually make economic math PJ's biggest enemy. I have come around to where I support GT football like I support liberty candidates politically: I want them to succeed ... I vote for them ... but I long ago learned to stop pouring money into their fruitless attempts to effect change. Decent season tickets for futility ... or a couple of mortgage payments/a decent car downpayment. The decision is only getting easier.
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