OOC Opponents and Schedule Timing?

Aiken Jacket

Flats Noob
Nov 19, 2001
I know MTSU has gotten out of our game next year, but have we officially lined anyone else up yet? There seems to be lots of speculation, but nothing firm yet. I personally would like to see another SEC team, or see us try to line something up with either a Big XII or Pac 10 team for a home and home.

Also - what is the release date for the 2002 schedule, and is that mandated by ACC timing? I'm pretty sure the Big 10 already has 02 and 03 schedules and dates released, and I thought there was an NCAA mandated date for upcoming schedules.

Thanks for any help.
The latest I heard on the reschedule was Ole Miss, Syracuse or Air Force. I heard that OM was the most likely. But I haven't heard anything lately. I wonder if something fell through. I hope it's someone interesting, like you said, and SEC/Pac10/Big12 type of team.
Ole Miss would be interesting. I wonder how much resentment is still left from the Vaught days. IIRC, Miss. was one of the schools that blocked Tech's re-admittance to the SEC years ago.
Ole Miss would be interesting on a number of levels. Didn't Cutcliff recruit Suggs when he was at UT? Wouldn't that be interesting?