Who can we beat on the rest of our schedule


Flats Noob
Nov 2, 2008
You guys need to stop with these Nick Saban comparisons. Saban won 7 games his first year at Bama with 2 wins over teams in the top 20. In fact he beat a 20th ranked Tennessee 41-17. More importantly, Saban also won more games his first year at Bama than Bama had won the previous year. And no, Saban had not won multiple MNCs prior to that year, he had won a single MNC while at LSU. That's not a slight on CGC, those two situations are vastly different.

About the only similarity to Bama and Saban in 2007 is the dimensions of the football field (I think we even use a different football {Adidas - Dime vs Nike Vapor Elite} than Bama used).
Except no one is comparing him to Saban. The post was rebutting the idea that one loss in the first year of a coaching change defines the coach.