2020 Recruiting


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Aug 12, 2019
Just listening, wonder if Lockhart is not going to be a good DT, SDE? Someone on here told me that one or more of our committed DE are LB, the Wright kid has been mentioned as one. For some reason lately I have been getting the feeling we might take only one more DT, it's just a feeling don't know anything.
I know there are people who are questioning our staff coaching ability, but the more I watch what they are doing and how they are going about it the more I'm beginning to think they have a long plan that is going to work and work big time, just my opinion. Certainly time will tell.
There have been many positive reviews on Lockhart. He's described as a very raw talent, but he's got this weight up to 290ish. This is only his SECOND year of organized football.

I would expect big things out of ML in the next year or so.


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May 14, 2019
Is the game really coming back?
The original end of these was due to NCAA getting cold feet on it due to implications to possible exposure to legal issues realted to players likenesses. Now that NCAA has announced that they are reviewing all their bylaws in regards to this for players. There's been grumbling from fans and even quotes from EA on interest in it returning we shall see the likeness and financial impact for college atlethes shoe must drop first foe sure


Apr 8, 2004
It'll probably be at least a couple years before there's a new NCAA game. I don't think the new likeness rules go into complete effect until 2021, and I imagine it will take some time to figure out how players would be compensated.