2022 Recruiting


Sep 3, 2020
So that’s a no on the quote then?
I don't have time to provide a quote, but I'm sure they are out there. I'm surprised you're scoffing at the existence rather than the severity. I don't recall it as a crutch, but rather one of the reasons that had an effect on success. Sorry my internet bantz offended you.


Nov 12, 2002
I hate to throw in some history but the questions about this haven’t been around for a few select years. It’s even been brought up by GT’s more successful coaches over....well since before many of us were alive. I think the solution is for the guys to keep working hard on and off the field. Let’s hope that continues.


Aug 13, 2002
I have plenty to criticize CPJ about, but I do not recall him blaming the Hill for his level of recruiting. He may have blamed the level of commitment to recruiting by the athletic department, but that is on the AD and I may not disagree with him. I believe one reason he was hired in the first place was that the administrators thought recruiting for his specialized offense would be cheaper than recruiting mainstream recruits.

We credit and blame coaches quite a bit for things that were in the AD bailiwick. The AD limited CPJ, in addition to the self-limiting he did himself. The AD limited the coach before him, and also screwed up the department's basic functions to the point it handed that coach a massive catastrophe of the athletic department's sole making. CGOL was in a low-grade guerilla war with the department for years about recruiting. Ironically the last coach with a golden recruiting ticket was B*** L****. Too bad he was an idiot.

Many of you know that Bobinski was a disaster, but I would argue Dave Braine was a bigger disaster. His Sports Information Director said, "Georgia Tech will NEVER be a consistent winner in football." Yes, the public relations guy said that, which I think is the most GT thing ever. Braine openly said we had an upper limit of a few decent seasons a decade and he worked to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. CCG spent the first part of his tenure selectively going after low-hanging fruit and identifying diamonds in the rough. He then rebelled, and we had the Class of 2007. We were putting together a comparable class when the AD canned him. Coincidence?

Geoff Collins, under Gailey, basically invented the recruiting protocols everyone uses today. We were light-years ahead of other schools in contact management, etc. Gailey wanted to keep him but the AD would not allow us to offer squat. So Saban bought him, and Gailey was shown the door. Saban did not teach Collins anything about recruiting; Collins taught him.

Anyway, we are back. Homer Rice was a world-class AD, and Stansbury wants to be. We are shooting ever higher in recruiting and as long as we don't collect an assortment of gang-raping thugs like some other schools with "high" academic reputations, and I am literal, I think the Hill will stay out of Collins' hair for the most.


Flats Noob
Jan 5, 2018
Yeah, I think that is about right. Johnson had restrictions forced on him by the Hill or AA but he didn’t complain about it. He mentioned it but basically said it was something that just had to be dealt with. He complained about Bobinski in a way but that was more than fair.