How many NFL players are on our team right now?


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Aug 15, 2014
Well, what do you expect? We're playing in the midst of a global pandemic.
Last time there was a global pandemic Georgia Tech went 6-1. A “Pop” Warner coached Pitt team defeated us ending Heisman’s 33 game winning streak


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Aug 7, 2012
Gibbs is my only "Yes"

Clayton doesn't look like a "Yes" so far, but in his defense, he started late. I'll give him a "Maybe"

Harvin is a "Maybe"

Carter is my strongest "Maybe"

Everyone else is a "No"

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Sep 28, 2008
Gibbs, Williams, Swilling are the only 3 I’d project right now that are NFL players that will make rosters, play, contribute for a few years

Juanyeh + Brown are guys that I’d put in the maybe category.

After that, I dont see much from the guys on the field now. Some of the DBs will probably have a shot as we have a group of long athletic guys and the NFL churns through young DBs fairly regularly to fill depth/STs slots (Mario Butler, Word Daniels, Chris Milton, Rod Sweeting type Careers)

not sure why anyone is projecting our DL; those guys get tossed around like rag dolls half the time. Clayton is kind of a one trick pony with his bull rough; not nearly athletic as an NFL DE
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Nov 25, 2013
Buttkicker, Shaq, Smelter and Waller all were gone after 2014. Those were the last NFL guys we had IIRC.
2015 draft: Shaq, Smelter, Waller
2016: Gotsis, DJ White
2017: Butker
2020: Tyler Davis


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Aug 23, 2014
Gibbs might be the only one that is drafted (off your list and likely). I"m sure there are younger guys that can develop into that type of player so it is hard to know at this time. Sims has the raw talent but he has a lot to learn/develop.

Ryan Johnson?

This will likely be the 5th straight year with no Jackets drafted (outside of Butker and a Collins transfer). That is not normal for GT and is a reflection of the talent level on the Johnson teams starting about 2015.
Right around the time the Bobinski hire was really starting to make an impact. It’s a shame that CPJ catches about 95% of the flack for Bobinski’s öööötiness...


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Sep 26, 2020
Maybe if we could lure some NFL players to Tech we could win a few. I think Matt Ryan and Julio Jones would have a blast going back to college. It could be like 21 Jump Street but in college.
Of course "The Hill" would keep them from admission. :lol:

The answer to the original question:



Oct 22, 2011
Maybe if we could lure some NFL players to Tech we could win a few. I think Matt Ryan and Julio Jones would have a blast going back to college. It could be like 21 Jump Street but in college.
Rumor has it we have two transfers from Flowery Branch Community College, Matthew Jones and Ryan Julio!


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Feb 24, 2004
All four of our RB's have a chance. They are uniquely different and when healthy have game.

My guess is Clayton is not 100% so it's hard to say. The best guess on DL is Domineck right now.

I would definitely say that Juanyeh has a good chance and a year or two ago, Tariq. Sometimes we just don't know what's going on back there, who's trying to cover for other mistakes, etc. Trey Swiling may be less than 100% too and he might get a look. And athletic smaller fast nickel backs are needed so you never know with others.

Harvin is not consistent enough.

Williams is the most likely to make it based on his freshman season.

Brown is definite.

Chimedza and Ryans may get a chance down the road.
I don’t see Ahmari Brown getting a shot at the NFL. The NFL is too measurables driven.


Apr 14, 2006
Not-so-fun facts related to this topic:

We haven't had a QB drafted in 20 years.
We haven't had a RB drafted in 9 years.
We haven't had a WR drafted in 5 years.
We haven't had a TE drafted in 5 years (outside of TD).
We haven't had a OT drafted in 13 years.
We haven't had a OG drafted in 5 years.
We haven't had a C drafted in 24 years.
We haven't had a DT drafted in 11 years.
We haven't had a LB drafted in 6 years.
We haven't had a CB drafted in 4 years.
We haven't had a S drafted in 10 years.

CPJ recruited:
- 0 QBs that were drafted
- 1 RB that was drafted
- 2 WRs that were drafted
- 1 TE that was drafted
- 0 OTs that were drafted
- 1 OG that was drafted
- 0 Cs that were drafted
- 0 DTs that were drafted
- 1 DE that was drafted
- 2 LBs that were drafted
- 2 CBs that were drafted.
- 0 S that were drafted
- 0 P that was drafted (should change soon)
- 1 K that was drafted