Official Fall Camp Discussion Thread


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Caught the "no cap". Couldn't really hear the question and dialog he was responding too. What is meaning of "no cap"?
Tori said "I talked to a lot of the guys and it sounds like if you don't play special teams you won't play on this team." To which he agreed.

No cap means no lie.


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Collins continues to impress me. No idea what this season holds- but feel confident we absolutely have a direction, and that direction is heading the right way.

Love his perspective on turning around a "Scout Team" into a "Developmental Team" that practices our plays in the way our opposition tends to do things. So smart.

Buy-in of a program and a coaching staff can't be over-emphasized, and this methodology just drives that buy-in from the players. How can you tell if you're getting better as a player when you're running an opponent's card each week? So much different than catching on to the terms, details, etc of our playbook as some just take longer to capture all that. Plus- this does spin nicely into his philosophy of position flexibility and being able to insert the best players available into the spot needed because the players know the whole thing.

It will take time- but everything I see him doing is great for GT, builds our program, is truly innovative- and will put us in a position for success. It's easy to see why transfers are coming to our program and we're getting on top recruits' lists early in his tenure.