This makes me sick. It sounds like UGA football has


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Jul 7, 2019
I'll give you a somewhat biased answer.

I have yet to run into a Ugag engineer. I have no idea how capable they are. I have had a few parents of said students brag to me about how their wonderful child is killing it over there, and they can't wait to change the world and blow past Tech. Maybe they will, but I doubt it.

What folks tell me about Tech engineers, which jives with my own observations, is that there is an intangible that sets them apart. In our field, some projects require 100 robots doing repetitive calcs to grind through a design. Anyone can do that.

There are also projects that require true creative thought, and applications of things that may not have even been tried before. The Tech folks excel there. Really excel.

I have also had friends who do the hiring at other firms tell me they don't have to worry about the Tech kids. They jump in, figure it out, and keep rolling, whereas kids from other schools require some handholding that they find aggravating.

That's in my field - the Tech kids just seem to have an "it" factor that is different.

I can also tell you my daughter got a Biomedical Engineering degree from Tech. The company she went to work for out of school only interviewed at Johns Hopkins and Tech. They did so for the reasons above - they are in a fast moving medical industry, and they need kids who can figure it out and move forward, and they felt those two programs were the only ones they could trust. When she got out, it turns out that all of the newbs they hired were from Tech that year. They went back and did the same thing the next year (only Tech) because her class worked out so well, and going forward, they intend to mostly hire from Tech.

That's all anecdotal, but that's the view from my grampy chair.


I do have a question for the engineers on the board, especially more recent grads. The UGA guy quoted basically says that UGA engineers graduate ready for practical tasks while GT engineers are preparing for research and academics. Is that a correct interpretation and comparison of the two schools? ....


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Jul 25, 2002
"We" hired a uga engineering chick. Her engineering skills were garbage. Small thinker, made hilarious mistakes. She did get accepted into a directional michigan medical school but full disclosure she was a "minority" (some kinda middle eastern).