My sources say Ted Roof for DC


Jul 25, 2002
The source I mentioned above has instilled some faith in me, more than I would have had otherwise anyway.

But the hire was awfully öööö divisive. Roof needs to realize that coming in, and prepare for it. Maybe someone who knows him could chat about that to him to give him an idea what sort of Sweetingstorm he's walking into.
Beej, Teddy doesn't care what people will think of him. He will come in and work his A$$ off with what he has, go out and get some recruits that we might not have gotten. I say give him time. I'm just sad that I'm going to be in Charleston on Saturdays and not "On The Flats" watching Teddy run the defense.


Jan 26, 2003

Legal Jacket

Feb 15, 2011
First things first, I don't like the hire, but let's take a look at his career as opposed to rank speculation and conjecture.

He was first a DC at Western Carolina in 1997. I don't think it's really fair to judge that as part of his body of work, but if you do his defense wasn't bad. The most they gave up all season was 30 points, ironically to Paul Johnson and Ga Southern. Otherwise, he gave up 28 points (loss to ETSU), 25 points (win v. the Citadel), 24 points (loss to Chatt). The rest of the games the defense held the other team to under 20 points, including a shutout against VMI. WC was terrible that year, breaking 20 points only three times, so the offense wasn't doing him any favors. Overall, a pretty decent defense although I don't think he gets much credit for it (positive or negative).

Then he was DC for us from 99-2001 (not looking at his years as an assistant). 2000 and 2001 were pretty good defenses for us. We were a near mess in 1999. 100th in total defense (413.8 yards per game) and 93rd in points (30.3 per game).

In 2000 we were 12th in rush defense (94.5 ypg) but last in pass defense (285 ypc), and 70th in total D (379.64) - although we improved about 40 yards per game. Defensive scoring vastly improved, going up to 21st nationally (19 points per game).

In 2001 we were 23rd in rush defense (117 ypc), 53rd in pass defense (216.25 ypg), so again an improvement over the previous year - 32nd overall in total defense at 333 ypg. Scoring defense was worse, 37th nationally at 22.3.

Overall, the defense arguable improved every year he was here from 1999 to 2001.

I liked him a lot at Duke (and was up in the area when he was coach). Even though his teams were terrible, he seemingly recruited good there (for Duke at least). For instance, in 2005 they landed a 5 star DT, a 4 star DE, and a (can't believe I'm typing this) 4 star kicker. That's on top of 8 three star guys (which for Duke is a lot). Similarly in 06 they landed a four star DE and a four star RB and had 9 three stars. 07, Roof's last year, they got 7 three stars. Roof was fired from Duke on November 26, 2007. Before then, for the 2008 class, he had another commit from a 4 star CB, and four more 4 stars. Renfree committed in January, but I don't know how big Duke was on his radar while he was committed to us.

When he was DC at Duke (arguably all that's relevant), they improved from 113th to 58th nationally in total defense from 2001 to 2002. Roof was basically promoted to head coach because of how decent the defense was.

After head coach at Duke, he was DC at Minnesota (2008), Auburn (2009-2011), and PSU (2012). He inherited the worst defense in the country at Minnesota, but improved by 135 yards in total defense. Scoring defense improved from 109th to 61st in the country. Gophers went from 1-11 to 7-6. Not stellar numbers, but decent improvement.

Auburn was a mixed bag. He won a national championship, but Auburn was a mess in 2009 (68th in total D and 79th in scoring D). They were mildly improved in 2010 (60 in total D, 53rd in scoring D), but regressed in 2011 (81 and 79).

At PSU he had the no. 29 total defense (350 ypg) and no. 16 scoring defense (19 ppg)

In sum, actually looking at the numbers I don't think he's as bad a hire as I thought he was. He stunk up the joint at Duke and Auburn. But he's shown capable of producing a top 30 defense with us and UCF. I don't think we will end up with stellar defenses, but I like his aggressive nature (hopefully will lead to stops, which is really what we need) and his hire should translate into much better LB play. I'd maybe give it a B-.


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Apr 15, 2008
Okay okay okay.

This needs to be said.

I HAVE A SOURCE, WHO IS CLOSE TO TED ROOF AND ALSO CLOSE TO TECH FOOTBALL, WHO LIVES NEAR ME (may have given the source away) who told me once that Ted's bad years under O'Leary were because O'Leary was overruling him on game strategy. All those games where we did "4-3 base defense" with no adjustment even when it was failing miserably were supposedly O'Leary's doing. According to this source.

So maybe that's something.
I would like to punch your source in the face.


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Jun 13, 2010
if you have a better method let me know.
Are you kidding me? Did you even read his original post?

A defense is not ultimately measured on number of points, but on number of points per opposing possession. And even that has to be adjusted for the other team's starting position.

Auburn 2009 was mediocre, #42, and Auburn 2011 was terrible, #92. But 2010 was a very good defense.
Again, not commenting on the validity (although it certainly sounds like a very reasonable measurement), just pointing out what was said.


Aug 17, 2002
Legal Jacket.

Roof I don't believe ever coached a down at UCF. He was hired, then left to be DC at penn st when BOB was hired.

so take that off the list

he has had only 2 good years of defense on his resume i can see, and penn state was a good defense he inherited....


Dec 10, 2006
the poster likely meant the "plurality" of years, meaning his longest stint in any one job in those 14 years was as HC for Duke; which is true

1999–2001 Georgia Tech (DC)
2002–2003 Duke (DC)
2003–2007 Duke (HC)
2008 Minnesota (DC)
2009–2011 Auburn (DC/LB)
2011 UCF (DC)
2011–2012 Penn State (DC)

for those that blame George O'Leary for Roof's mediocre at best performance during his first stint at GT, why would Roof go be his DC again for UCF in 2011? Doesnt really make sense if Roof didnt like the way it worked under OLeary, huh?
Why would O'Leary hire him again if he blamed Roof for the poor performance at GT? Doesn't really make sense, huh?


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Apr 15, 2008
If Roof was constantly overruled by O'Leary, why was he going to coach at UCF before getting the PSU job?


Dec 8, 2007
Auburn held Oregon to 19 points in the BCS title game two years ago. That's doing some work.
I'm not wild about this hire, but I'm willing to see how it plays out.


Aug 17, 2002
Are you kidding me? Did you even read his original post?

Again, not commenting on the validity (although it certainly sounds like a very reasonable measurement), just pointing out what was said.
hoss using any method over roof's career shows he is a mediocre at best coord.

sorry man. Doesn't matter how you drive there...once you are there, you are there.


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Apr 11, 2008
I know some other posters have listed the stats, but I figured I'd look up as many stats as I could to try to make me feel better about this hire and compile them all together. These numbers are going to be from his time as a DC only.

2012- Penn State
23rd Rush - 128 yards/game
50th Pass - 255 yards/game
29th Total - 353 yards/game
16th Scoring - 19 pts/game

2011- Auburn (was only at UCF 33 days)
94th Rush- 189 yards/game
51st Pass - 218 yards/game
81st Total - 408 yards/game
79 Scoring - 29 pts/game

2010 - Auburn
9th Rush - 109 yards/game
108th Pass - 259 yards/game
60th Total - 369 yards/game
53rd Scoring - 24 pts/game

2009 - Auburn
78th Rush - 156 yards/game
57th Pass - 218 yards/game
68th Total - 374 yards/game
79th Scoring - 28 pts/game

2008 - Minn
68 Rush - 143 yards/game
93rd Pass - 240 yards/game
80th total - 383 yards/game
61st Scoring - 25 pts/game

It should be worth noting that Minn had the worst defense in FBS in 2007. They won 1 game in 2007 and went 7-5 in 2008. So while those numbers aren't exactly stellar they are a huge improvement from the year prior.

2003- Duke
63rd Rush - 158 yards/game
53rd Pass - 217 yards/game
57th total - 375 yards/game
76th Scoring - 29 pts/game

2002 - Duke
28th Rush - 120 yards/game
102nd Pass - 254 yards/game
65th total - 375 yards/game
83rd Scoring - 29 pts/game

2001 - GT
23rd Rush - 117 yards/game
53rd Pass - 216 yards/game
32nd Total - 333 yards/game
37 Scoring - 22 pts/game

2000 - GT
12th Rush - 94 yards/game
114th Pass- 285 yards/game
70th Total - 379 yards/game
21st Scoring - 19 pts/game

1999- GT
89th Rush - 189 yards/game
100 total - 413 - yards/game
93rd Scoring - 30.3 pts/game

What I take from this is that Roof is aggressive on D to stop the run but doesn't seem to be too great at stopping the pass. While I think this is the approach Tech needs to adopt to win games, aggressive D that can pressure the QB and stop the run, I'm not sure I like Roof as the coach.