Official #GOLDblooded20 Signing Day Thread


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Congratulations to Coach Collins and his staff. I would rather have this recruiting class than have beaten UNC, Temple, the Citadel and UVa combined, to have finished 7-5 and be headed to a bowl. This is the first big game of the new season, and Coach Collins won it. Hopefully, this will keep recruiting momentum going stronger and stronger.

At the same time, thank you very much to the graduating seniors and our other players for supporting the new coaching staff and working so hard. All the good that comes from this point forward will have started with them. Today meant a lot to Tech fans, too. It definitely got my mind off this past season. And it's great hearing those four guys saying the good word, "To Hell With Georgia!"


What year is it?
I dunno what you mean.

In other news, I noticed Nazir Stackhouse is now a dwag, so he can go coprophagic and expire.
And Reginald Perry signed with UT. Jayson Jones is still in play, and I also note that Jay Hardy hasn't signed with Auburn yet. Time to close this class with a hoss.


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In the ACC, there is a definite "stratification". Clemson, Miami, UNC, GT, FSU on the top and every one else below. It is easiest to see in the number of 4 stars. GT as the least in the top group at 6. Most of the bottom has zero with a few 1s and 2s.

I think VT is the program that can move to the top but they have an awful class so far this year. GT isn't guaranteed to stay in the top group but with Collins I think it can.

Clemson will be there a while and Miami and FSU basically are locked into good classes; it would be hard to purposely recruit bad at those schools. UNC should be strong with their coach. 5th should be a realistic but positive goal for GT.

BTW, it does seem like FSU signed a few 4-stars that were not committed so they have jumped over us. Don't know the scoop or details.
Clemson is so far ahead of the rest of the conference that they are in the top tier by themselves.
Looking at 247 for this year, rough tiers (where it's tough to tell within the tiers whose better):
1. Clemson
2. Miami, UNC, FSU. Maybe Tech here, we're a bit behind those guys, but well ahead of everyone else. Maybe we're like a Tier 2b?
3. Louisville, Pitt, NC State
4. Everyone else.

Before this year, we were probably bouncing between tier 3 and tier 4. We've definitely shifted up a good bit.