Dook offense now rated 104th!!!!


Sep 13, 2003
Indecision and 2 timeouts used on the goal line against NIU after 2nd and goal from the 2, and it still became a turnover on downs. Leisurely taking more than 7 minutes to drive down the field against Clemson down 14-3. The onside kick worked, but without it the previous slow FG drive ensured not getting the ball back. Those are a couple. Look, I agree recruiting has ticked up a lot. I just don’t think that is really showing up in the games. Is it youth? Is the staff ill-preparing them? We don’t know yet for sure, a lot of it is faith on believing or not believing in Geoff and Patenaude and Key and others. If he wins big, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong.
You're not wrong. Coaching staff definitely didn't have their s### together early in the season in the red zone.

And before the onside kick against Clemson, Collins was clearly content to run out the clock and take the L.