Arik Gilbert in Transfer Portal

Likely this. I also find it interesting that his QB while in HS, 5-star Harrison Bailey went to UT and didn't pan out either, I believe Bailey is at UNLV now. I don't know anything about Marietta HS but wonder if they are in a weak division or something about their coaching/scheme makes players appear better than they are.

Marietta has a strong FB program and produced many D1 athletes.
Don't forget that after LSU, UF passed on this guy but UGA held onto him for a few years before cutting him loose.
You can take the dwag out of Athens but you can’t take Athens out of the dwag
I hate them too, but he brought this S*** with him. They probably held onto him too long but Dwags gonna Dwag.

I mean, the way they select instead of recruit I don't understand why they hold on to some people.
Nebraska doesn't have a fixer to make these kinds of things go away?!

Hard to fix something when the victim has you on video and half the local PD shift participated in the arrest.

Contrast that to Athens where vehicular homicide is easily swept under the rug with a cooperative PD and DA.