Wanted: Jalen Carter


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May 10, 2007
Kirby, come on man. No culture problem? Fine, do your coachspeak.

But for the love, don't follow that up by also saying you can speak to the character of a guy who fled the scene of a fatal accident after already being warned about racing and parking in handicap spaces by the APD. What an idiotic position to take.


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May 20, 2003
If I were an NFL GM, I'd be much more worried about the prospect of him doing prison time for two dead bodies on the road after a street race. Showing up fat and lazy to your job interview is inconsequential in comaprison.
I think he had a meeting with the NFL commish. I heard he threw up.

Snippet of meeting.


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Sep 26, 2007
The same very quick outcome you or I would have gotten, I’m sure of it.
The Netflix doc on the Murdaugh family had a great point that I find relevant in this case too. After the boat wreck there were numerous first responders on the scene and one of the officers they interviewed about that says (paraphrasing) "there were probably over 25 officers who responded to the scene and not one of them thought to bring the boat's driver in front of their patrol vehicle and dash cam to administer a DUI test on him because of who he was".

Same thing seems to have happened in Athens that night.

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Jun 17, 2002
Seems to be a " cultural" issue across a broad swath of football from high school to the pros.
How the basketball player at Bama is still on the team & playing is insane.
Our entire world is utterly and undeniably insane and it will get worse because we want it to get worse. Anybody who claims they care more about SA lives than their team's offensive production is a ööööing liar. We don't want scholars and athleticism we want scandal and horror. Carnage football is hot baby and soon it will kill us all.


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Sep 26, 2020
Ehh. I’m sure they are lining up their civil suits. I don’t think they gain anything from Carter getting punished.
Justice?? Carter was an accessory to the entire thing. If he hadn't raced her, then she wouldn't have been racing and Willock would still be alive. It was reckless and disregarded a substantial risk of bodily harm or . . . death. AND he had already been warned about it previously. IMO, there is culpability here which cries out for justice. If it was my kid, I would want that justice. Not a payday on the blood of my child. YMMV.